8VC Raises $880M for Fund Aimed at ‘Fixing a Broken World’

The success story of 8VC, the venture firm led by the controversial Palantir founder Jon Lonsdale, is one that has been making waves in the tech industry. With their fifth fund, 8VC has raised an impressive $880 million, and their mission is to “fix a broken world”. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of 8VC’s new fund, the portfolio companies they have invested in, and the controversies surrounding their leader, Jon Lonsdale.

Let’s start by looking at 8VC’s new fund. 8VC now manages over $6 billion in committed capital and plans to invest at every stage, as well as build companies themselves. The 8VC team has grown to over 60 people and their headquarters in Austin, Texas has become a hub for entrepreneurs from all over the world. 8VC’s new fund is believed to be the biggest Texas-based venture fund for startups.

Jon Lonsdale has also shared his philosophical views on 8VC’s mission. He believes that broken things present opportunities, and that AI, genomic engineering, advanced manufacturing, and new business models are transforming the world in exciting ways. 8VC’s portfolio companies span a variety of industries, including logistics, life sciences, healthcare, IT infrastructure, government and defense, financial services, consumer and enterprise. Some of the most notable companies in their portfolio are Asana, Blend, Flexport, hims and hers, Mammoth Biosciences, The Boring Company, Qualia, and Wish.

Unfortunately, Jon Lonsdale has also been the subject of some controversy. Early last year, he made headlines after his tweets about “woke” tech diversity, and he has also been embroiled in a high-profile lawsuit and a breakup with earlier investing partners.

In a recent New Yorker article, Lonsdale talked about the transformation of Austin in recent years, and said that part of its charm is that politics can be discussed in a civil manner. He said “In San Francisco, when I would go against someone, they’d be, like, ‘You’re an evil person’. So there’s something still very healthy about Texas. I really hope we can keep it this way.”

This blog post has provided a comprehensive overview of 8VC’s new fund, their portfolio companies, and the controversies surrounding their leader, Jon Lonsdale. 8VC is an ambitious and innovative venture firm that is changing the tech world in exciting ways.

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