Adobe’s Firefly generative AI tools now accessible to all

Introducing Firefly: Adobe’s Revolutionary AI Model

Are you tired of the same old creative tools and eager to explore new possibilities? Ready to take your designs to the next level? Look no further! Adobe has just released its highly anticipated Firefly generative AI model for commercial use across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Cloud.

Firefly-powered workflows, previously available only to beta testers, are now accessible to the majority of users. This groundbreaking technology boasts impressive features, ranging from Illustrator’s vector recoloring to Express’s text-to-image effects, and Photoshop’s Generative Fill tools. The possibilities are endless!

But that’s not all! Adobe is rolling out a standalone Firefly web app, allowing users to experience the power of generative AI without the need for specific Adobe Creative Suite applications. As part of a paid Creative Cloud subscription plan, subscribers will also have access to Adobe Express Premium and the Firefly web app.

Businesses seeking commercially safe generative AI models will be thrilled to know that Adobe Firefly for Enterprise is also now generally available. Trained on Adobe Stock and public domain content, Firefly eliminates copyright concerns, making it an ideal choice for businesses. Additionally, Adobe is developing methods to enable customers to customize Firefly models, tailoring them to generate unique branded content.

One aspect Adobe values most is responsible AI use. With Firefly, you can trust that all content generated is marked with Content Credentials—a digital “nutrition label” supported by the Content Authenticity Initiative. This label provides vital information about an asset, from creation date and tools used to any edits made, enhancing transparency and accountability in AI-generated content. As a responsible industry leader, Adobe is also committed to sharing safety data to ensure the ethical use of generative AI.

To meet the computational demands of Firefly, Adobe is introducing a new credit-based system. Users will now have the option to redeem Generative Credits to access the fastest Firefly-powered workflows. With a monthly allocation of credits included in the Firefly web app, Express Premium, and Creative Cloud paid plans, subscribers are guaranteed an enhanced user experience. However, even if users exceed their credit limit, they can still generate Firefly content, albeit at a slower pace. Free plans for supported apps will also include a credit allocation, ensuring access for all users.

To further support creatives, Adobe is introducing an annual bonus scheme for Adobe Stock contributors. Contributors who allow their stock submissions to be used for training Adobe’s AI models will receive additional payouts on top of existing royalties. The amount varies depending on the frequency of contributions and licensing, but Adobe assures that it will be “meaningful.” This bonus scheme not only recognizes and rewards contributors but also addresses concerns surrounding consent and compensation when AI is trained on their work.

While the launch date for Adobe’s Stock Contributor Bonus scheme is yet to be confirmed, it promises to bridge the gap and foster better relationships between the company and creatives. Similar disputes regarding consent and compensation in copyright disputes have arisen across the industry, highlighting the need for fair practices.

Now that you’re familiar with Adobe’s Firefly AI model and its exciting features, you’re ready to explore a whole new world of creativity. With its groundbreaking capabilities and commitment to responsible AI usage, Adobe continues to push the boundaries and empower users like you.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to revolutionize your creative process. Embrace the power of Firefly today and unlock unlimited potential in your designs!

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