AI-powered Artifact aims to rectify clickbait headlines through rewriting

Are you tired of clickbait headlines flooding your news feed? Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have launched a new app called Artifact that might just be the answer to your dreams. Recently, Artifact has allowed users to mark articles as clickbait, and now, the app is taking it a step further by introducing AI-driven rewritten headlines. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how Artifact plans to revolutionize the way we read news and get rid of clickbait once and for all.

Revolutionizing the Way We Read News

Have you ever come across a headline that promises you the world, only to leave you feeling disappointed and misled after reading the article? Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger believe that the world of news can be better, and Artifact is their solution. With the app, users can now mark articles as clickbait. But what if those ambiguous headlines could be rewritten right before your eyes?

AI-Driven Rewritten Headlines

Starting on Friday, Artifact will allow AI to rewrite clickbait-y headlines in real-time. If enough people mark an article as clickbait, Artifact will show an AI-rewritten headline to all users. Users can get an idea of how it works by long-pressing an article in their feed and seeing an animation loading where the offending headline used to be. The new headline will then appear with a little star next to it indicating that it’s not the original title.

A manual review process is in place for the most common rewritten headlines, with humans capable of pushing a revised headline to all Artifact users. Systrom is confident in the accuracy of the AI-rewritten headlines, stating, “In our experience in testing, it’s basically always right.”

Respecting Editorial Authority

While AI rewriting every headline might seem tempting, Systrom understands the importance of respecting the editorial authority that publishers and writers have over their content. This feature is targeted at the most egregious clickbait cases, the ones that cause problems for users.


Artifact is set to revolutionize the way we read news by providing a clickbait-free environment. The AI-driven rewritten headlines feature is just the beginning of what the app can do for us. It’s clear that clickbait is a problem, and Artifact is leading the charge in getting rid of it. Say goodbye to mislead headlines and hello to accurate news reporting with Artifact.

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