AI Startup Coho Boosts B2B SaaS Revenue with $8.5M Investment

With the increasing complexity of customer acquisition, retention, and sales, teams often lack the time and tools needed to access data insights and make use of them. In a 2019 survey by NewVantage Partners, it showed that the percentage of firms identifying themselves as data-driven had decreased in the past three years, with more than half admitting they weren’t competing on data and analytics.

That’s why Ariel Maislos, Itamar Falcon, and Michael Ehrlich founded Coho AI, a revenue optimization platform designed to help businesses access insights for upselling and growth. Recently, Coho AI raised $8.5 million in a seed funding round led by Eight Roads, TechAviv, and angel investors. This capital will go towards product R&D and expanding their team, which currently stands at 17 people.

Coho AI’s platform provides AI models to discover what makes a product “sticky” and what drives users to upgrade to a paid B2B SaaS subscription plan. It also offers real-time usage models to pinpoint upsell opportunities, segmentation models to identify different users based on their behavior, and observability dashboards to tailor a user experience to reduce drop-offs.

All of the models are trained using anonymized data from Coho AI’s customer base, creating a network effect where each customer benefits from a larger data set and more accurate models. Coho AI’s target audience is sales, customer success, and product teams within B2B SaaS companies, and they already have dozens of customers and partners.

Despite the competitive landscape, Coho AI is helping companies improve metrics such as net revenue retention rate and sales efficiency, which are crucial in today’s economic climate. With their platform, teams can leverage data insights to increase customer acquisition and retention, boosting sales and creating a more successful business.

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