Amazon Alexa Fund Invests $20M in Synthetic Media Startup Superplastic

Are synthetic celebrities the future of entertainment? With the recent $20 million Series A funding of Superplastic, a synthetic celebrity and character design studio, and a new deal with Amazon Studios for a television series starring its synthetic celebrities, Janky and Guggimon, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the answer is a resounding yes. Read on to find out why synthetic celebrities are the future of entertainment, and why Superplastic is leading the charge.

The rise of synthetic celebrities has been nothing short of meteoric. Superplastic’s digital characters, including Janky and Guggimon, have attracted huge audiences on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The company has translated that interest into profitable merchandise and gaming ventures, raking in tens of millions of dollars of sales a year for both digital and real-world products. What’s more, the characters have partnered with global brands like Gucci, Mercedes-Benz, Tommy Hilfiger, and Fortnite, and have even been featured alongside celebrities like Kidsuper, Pusha-

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