Anthropic seeks funding for advanced generation of AI benchmarks

Are you ready to dive into the future of AI evaluation and benchmarking? If so, this blog post is a must-read for you! In this visually captivating post, we will explore Anthropic’s groundbreaking program that aims to fund the development of new benchmarks for evaluating AI models, including their cutting-edge generative model Claude.

### The Need for New Benchmarks
Anthropic’s program seeks to address the current benchmarking problem in the AI field. Existing benchmarks often fall short in capturing how individuals actually interact with AI systems. With the rapid advancement of generative AI, there is a demand for new benchmarks that can effectively assess the capabilities and impact of these models.

### Challenging Benchmarks for AI Security
Anthropic is calling for the creation of challenging benchmarks that focus on AI security and societal implications. These benchmarks will test AI models’ abilities to carry out tasks like cyberattacks, manipulate information through deepfakes, and mitigate biases. The program also aims to develop an “early warning system” for identifying and assessing AI risks related to national security.

### Funding and Support for Research
To achieve its goals, Anthropic envisions new platforms that allow experts to develop their own evaluations and conduct large-scale trials involving thousands of users. The company is offering various funding options and resources to support researchers in creating impactful benchmarks. Teams will have the opportunity to collaborate with Anthropic’s domain experts to fine-tune their evaluations.

### Industry Standard for AI Evaluation
Anthropic’s program is set to be a catalyst for progress towards a future where comprehensive AI evaluation is an industry standard. While the company’s commercial ambitions may raise some skepticism, this initiative aligns with the broader effort in the industry to create better AI benchmarks. However, the challenge lies in whether these collaborative efforts can overcome potential conflicts of interest.

Join us in exploring the exciting developments in AI benchmarking with Anthropic’s new program. Let’s embark on a journey towards a future where AI evaluation is transparent, thorough, and impactful for the entire ecosystem.

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