Apple scraps plans for its car project: Here are other projects the company has discontinued

Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of Apple’s journey to success? In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating trail of failures that have paved the way for Apple’s remarkable achievements. From abandoned projects like AirPower to forgotten tablets, Apple’s history is filled with intriguing stories of innovation and setbacks. Join me as we uncover the untold tales behind some of Apple’s most notable failures.

**AirPower: The Wireless Charging Mat That Never Was**

Let’s start with the infamous AirPower. Promised to revolutionize the way we charge our devices, Apple’s wireless charging mat was anticipated with great excitement. However, despite years of development, the project was ultimately scrapped in 2019 due to the company’s high standards. The AirPower’s cancellation left many disappointed, but Apple quickly moved on with the release of the MagSafe Duo charger in 2020.

**Television: The Elusive Ultra-High-Definition TV**

Another project that never came to fruition was Apple’s rumored ultra-high-definition television set. Analysts and investors speculated about the arrival of an Apple TV set for years, but the project was silently abandoned before it could see the light of day. Apple’s television remains a mystery, lost in the annals of the company’s failed endeavors.

**Vademecum: The Early Tablet That Never Made It**

Long before the iPad took the world by storm, Apple was experimenting with an early tablet prototype called Vademecum. Equipped with a stylus and a built-in camera, the project never made it to market as Apple believed there was no demand for a tablet computer at the time. The Vademecum’s story serves as a reminder of the risks and challenges of innovation.

**MessageSlate: The Forgotten Newton OS Project**

In parallel to the Vademecum, Apple was also working on another tablet project called MessageSlate. Codenamed Senior, this Newton OS-based device was eventually scrapped in favor of the MessagePad, a smaller and more refined version of the original prototype. The MessageSlate’s fate highlights the iterative nature of Apple’s product development process.

**W.A.L.T.: The Mysterious Telephone Mac**

Before the iPhone, there was W.A.L.T. This “telephone Mac” prototype featured a touchscreen panel, stylus support, and advanced features like fax and caller ID. Despite some early units surfacing on eBay for auction, Apple never publicly acknowledged the existence of W.A.L.T. This enigmatic device remains a reminder of Apple’s experimentation with new technologies.

**PenLite: The Unreleased Tablet of the ’90s**

Lastly, we have the PenLite, a tablet project developed by Apple in 1992. Based on System 7.1, the PenLite was equipped with a stylus and a 25MHz Motorola processor. However, the project was ultimately scrapped as Apple deemed the market was not yet ready for a tablet device. The PenLite’s story echoes the challenges of predicting consumer demand and technological adoption.

In conclusion, Apple’s road to success is littered with failures, but each setback has ultimately fueled the company’s drive for innovation and excellence. Join me on this journey through Apple’s forgotten projects and rediscover the untold stories behind the world’s most iconic tech company.

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