Chat Data Prep Tool Powered by GPT-3 Can Transform Data with Plain-English Inputs

The Intelligent Security Summit is offering on-demand sessions to learn the critical role of AI and ML in cybersecurity and industry specific case studies. Akkio, a Massachusetts-headquartered company, has enhanced its no-code platform to help enterprises build and deploy AI in minutes with a new capability: chat data prep. This feature enables users to prepare and transform large volumes of data by simply typing in what they want in plain conversational language. With chat data prep, users can transform any table — combining columns, summarizing records, translating languages, converting formats and performing complex calculations — using plain English, without needing complex formulas, SQL or coding.

The solution has been built on top of GPT-3 and includes prompt engineering, context awareness and user-in-the-loop feedback. This can cut days’ worth of time currently spent on data prep to minutes. Currently, chat data prep is available for a limited time to try for free as part of the Akkio platform. The no-code AI development space has been growing, particularly in light of the pandemic and the shortage of data science talent. Discover more about transformative enterprise technology with VentureBeat’s Briefings. Watch the Intelligent Security Summit on-demand sessions here.

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