Collaborative articles on LinkedIn begin with AI prompts

LinkedIn has rolled out its latest feature – collaborative articles – and it completely changes the game. The platform now uses “AI-powered conversation starters” to initiate discussions between “experts” in their respective fields. This groundbreaking system matches each article with relevant member experts based on their skills graph, inviting them to add opinions, extra background information, and advice to the stories. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into LinkedIn’s collaborative articles and why it’s essential to keep an eye on this new feature.

AI-powered articles have always been a topic of controversy, but LinkedIn’s version of the tech is something else entirely. The bodies of articles are powered by AI, created, and constantly refined by LinkedIn’s editorial team. The AI technology pumps out nearly 40 articles in the past two days alone, making this feature a game-changer. The topics range from how to show instead of tell when writing, overcoming a creative block, to how to use feedback and semicolons. The technology is groundbreaking, and we’re excited to see how it develops in the future.

Membership on LinkedIn gives you access to experts in your industry, making the feature perfect for professionals to learn and share ideas. Collaborative articles make it easier for members to contribute their perspectives because “starting a conversation is harder than joining one.” The new feature makes joining conversations effortless, and experts can easily contribute their opinions with just a click of a button.

LinkedIn spokesperson Suzi Owens revealed that LinkedIn has chosen a “select group of experts” to contribute to the articles, an exclusive invitation that would typically help to boost their reputation and grow their following. The articles also end with a note telling readers that they can ask for permission to contribute by “liking or reacting to this article.”

As expected, AI’s reputation for sometimes “getting it wrong” has led to critical reviews by contributors in some sections. Still, the insightful reactions far outweigh the negative reviews. Many comments include “Excellent advice” or “Very logical starting point,” with respondents sharing context and additional information. LinkedIn is still refining this cutting-edge technology to provide the best user experience.

Overall, LinkedIn’s collaborative articles are a game-changer. The platform’s ability to offer AI-powered conversation starters that initiate discussion between experts takes learning and networking to new levels. With the growth of AI technology in day-to-day life, it comes as no surprise that LinkedIn is using it in this way. The feature leapfrogs the platform over other social media and professional networking sites, cementing its status as the number one place for professionals to make connections and learn. We’re excited to see how professionals will use this feature for many years to come.

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