Dynamically Scanning APIs to Discover Security Vulnerabilities for Enhanced Protection

Are you worried about the security of your company’s APIs? Do you want to prevent cyberattacks before they happen? French startup Escape has the perfect solution for you. With a recent funding round of $3.9 million, Escape provides a cybersecurity product that focuses on securing APIs before they are rolled out publicly.

Let’s dive into what makes Escape’s solution so unique.

Proactive API Security

Escape’s custom algorithm uses artificial intelligence to simulate cyber attacks. By finding security flaws, the algorithm provides remediations to prevent any potential attacks. This dynamic security model is a more proactive approach to API security, and it could be a great selling point to bigger clients working in sensitive industries such as banks and financial services companies.

Integration with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Escape integrates directly into your development pipeline, triggering with every code commit in the repository. It can identify issues such as rate limitations or if invalid actions are properly blocked to prevent data manipulation. The solution also integrates with Snyk so that Escape issues appear in your Snyk’s code issues.

Focus on GraphQL and REST APIs

Escape first focused on GraphQL APIs, and it has now expanded to support REST APIs, which are more widespread than GraphQL-based APIs. Already, the startup has convinced around 20 clients, including Sorare, Shine, and Neo4J. As each contract could potentially be worth tens of thousands of euros per year, Escape wants to focus on bigger clients who work in sensitive industries.

More Than Just Penetration Tests

Escape doesn’t want to replace pen tests, but it wants to provide a more proactive and dynamic security model. Previously, ensuring API security was primarily a manual process. Companies would have to work with security analysts to conduct a pen test, which would happen once or twice a year. With Escape, security flaws at the API level are fixed before the pen test, making the process much more efficient and effective.

In conclusion, Escape’s solution could be a game-changer for companies looking to secure their APIs. With a more proactive and dynamic security model, you can prevent cyberattacks before they happen. So, why not give Escape a try today?

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