Enterprise customers can now create videos with StoryKit’s new text-to-video AI creation tool

Are you tired of spending hours creating and editing videos for social media? Wish there was an easier way to generate engaging content without the hassle? Well, now there is. Introducing StoryKit’s new AI script creator, which turns any text into a video, automatically sized for various platforms. Join top executives in San Francisco on July 11-12 to learn more about how AI investments can bring success.

With StoryKit’s new feature, marketers and video creators can simply paste text into the AI script creator field, and the tool generates a video script using GPT-3 and GPT-4 technology. The proprietary AI, Coen, is used for video building and storyboard creation. Whether it’s meeting notes or product descriptions, StoryKit’s AI can create a comprehensive video while preserving brand messaging and identity.

Additionally, this new tool allows enterprise customers to instantly translate their video into multiple languages, and there are drop-down menus for different video categories. StoryKit believes this will streamline workflows and democratize the video creation process for individuals outside of specialized roles.

However, VentureBeat’s test of the software resulted in mixed success. Initially, the tool experienced too many requests, but it still generated a competent video script from the StoryKit news release. The company does not list pricing publicly on its website, but it offers a free trial version of its software allowing customers to make multiple videos.

Overall, the new AI text-to-video feature from StoryKit has the potential to revolutionize the way we create content and share it on social media. With its ease of use and accessibility, anyone can create compelling videos, making video creation no longer a specialized role, but a task that everyone can do. So why waste time creating and editing videos manually when you can let AI do it for you? Join the AI revolution and try StoryKit’s new feature today.

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