Firm specializing in NLP secures $37M in funding to expand ESG and sentiment analysis offerings.

Unraveling the Secrets of Financial Markets with AI and NLP: A Look at SESAMM’s Mission

Have you ever wondered about the power of artificial intelligence in financial markets? Let us introduce you to SESAMM, a French data analytics firm founded in 2014 by three college students on a mission to uncover financial market secrets using the formidable might of AI.

SESAMM’s incredible NLP technology extracts insights from its proprietary data lake containing over 20 billion articles from premium and free sources. Recently, SESAMM announced the closing of a series B2 funding round of €35 million ($37 million), co-led by deep tech VC firm Elaia and Opera Tech Ventures, the venture capital arm of BNP Paribas.

Let’s dive deeper into what SESAMM has been up to.

Sentiment Analysis, ESG Insights from Over 5 Million Companies

The SESAMM technology has been instrumental in providing insights to data and business teams. The company offers a range of use cases, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) controversy detection, detection of positive-impact events, competitive intelligence, and quantitive investment. NLP signals are generated on equities and macroeconomic factors.

SESAMM’s off-the-shelf ESG and reputational risk metrics offer unbiased information on companies, filling data gaps where traditional ESG scores fall short. Its vast coverage of over five million private and public companies, including small and mid-cap firms in Europe and emerging markets and private companies worldwide, ensures that investors and corporations have every detail they need to make informed decisions.

With AI-powered real-time monitoring of inflation mentions across all geographies on the web, SESAMM has helped many companies detect and protect against new risks in an increasingly complex macro environment.

NLP for Private Equity, Finance, and More

SESAMM is constantly developing new products, with an emphasis on sustainability frameworks, taxonomies, and standardized reputational scores. The company’s plans are to become the premier NLP platform for financial firms and corporations looking to enhance their decision-making processes.

SESAMM’s ultimate goal is to be an enabler for companies looking to maximize returns and mitigate risks through leveraging insights from the web. It aims to make web data a significant source of business insights using advanced technology. With such a keen focus on sustainability, SESAMM’s primary goal is to help companies become profitable and responsible while achieving their goals.

SESAMM’s innovative data analytics has caught the eye of many top companies worldwide, including seven of the top 10 private equity firms. With a recent series B2 funding round of €35 million ($37 million), SESAMM is well on its way to further expansion into the US and Asian markets.

Closing Thoughts

SESAMM’s mission to utilize AI and NLP technology to unravel the secrets of financial markets is an exciting development in the industry. As traditional ESG scores face scrutiny, SESAMM offers a new, innovative way to provide up-to-date and unbiased information on companies, helping investors and corporations make informed decisions. With its sustained focus on sustainability, SESAMM aims to be the premier NLP platform for financial firms and corporations worldwide. Keep an eye on this innovative company; we are confident that we will hear much more about them in the future.

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