Generative AI Chatbots Under Development by Instagram

Are you ready for a more engaging and fun experience on Instagram chats? Well, be prepared, because generative AI Instagram chatbots might soon become a reality. The social media app owned by Meta might introduce its own AI agents to users, with a variety of 30 personalities to choose from. These AI agents might not just answer your questions, but also provide advice and even help write messages. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting development.

Generative AI Instagram

The leaked images shared by a mobile developer suggest that Instagram is planning to introduce generative AI chatbots to its platform, though the social media giant has not made an official announcement or confirmed the rumors. The AI chatbots would not be limited to just answering questions, but would also assist users with advice and writing messages. The chatbots’ personalities are customizable, offering users a choice of 30 different options. Instagram has not disclosed which language model is powering the AI agents.

Speculations are rife that the model might be Llama, Meta’s own large language model that was released under strict research licenses. However, since the code was leaked online, it remains to be seen which model will power the chatbots on Instagram.

AI Chatbots on Social Media

Instagram is not the only social media platform jumping on the AI chatbot bandwagon. Snapchat recently launched its chatbot My AI, which is available to all users instead of just premium users. Twitter also launched its generative AI project, X.AI, with heavy investment by CEO Elon Musk. TikTok is also testing a generative AI chatbot called Tako, but only in the Philippines for now.

AI technology is seen as a way of providing social media users with a more engaging, interactive, and personalized experience. These AI chatbots can provide faster, more accurate responses, and can even mimic human conversation. Expect to see AI chatbots becoming more common on social media as more platforms experiment with the technology.

Wrapping Up

Instagram’s rumored introduction of generative AI chatbots is an exciting development that could revolutionize social media chats. The customizable personalities of these AI agents offer users a unique and engaging experience. Although Instagram hasn’t confirmed the rumors, the proliferation of AI chatbots on social media platforms suggests that it’s only a matter of time before these exciting features become a reality. Stay tuned to see how the trend of AI chatbots on social media unfolds.

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