HPE Bolsters AI Development with Acquisition of Pachyderm

Today, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced that it has acquired Pachyderm, a startup developing a data science platform for automated machine learning processes. The acquisition will enable HPE to integrate Pachyderm’s capabilities into its platform for AI development, allowing customers to prepare, track, and manage machine learning processes with more efficiency and accuracy.

Founded in 2014 by Joey Zwicker and Joe Doliner, Pachyderm offers tools for versioning and managing enterprise-scale machine learning and AI projects. This includes data transformations, data workflows, connectors, and versioning features for machine learning datasets. It also hosts Pachyderm Hub, a managed service with an on-demand compute cluster for AI development.

HPE sees Pachyderm as a major benefit to its flagship AI development product, the HPE Machine Learning Development Environment. It will automate and accelerate AI, and facilitate image, video, and text analysis, generative AI, and other large language model needs. This acquisition follows HPE’s purchase of Determined AI in June 2021.

HPE is banking on AI and HPC as a major profit driver, but has seen a dip in revenue in its recent Q4 2022 earnings report. With the addition of Pachyderm, HPE is hoping to gain an edge on its competitors and unlock greater opportunities for AI development.

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