In essence experts expressed concerns about data privacy and security in AI decisions

Are you ready to unlock the true value of generative AI for your business? In a world where technology evolves daily, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Dive into our research findings to discover why organisations are struggling to fully harness the power of AI and what steps you can take to avoid these pitfalls.

**Trusting the Data**

One of the biggest challenges organisations face is building trust in data usage and ensuring compliance. With only a fraction of companies having robust systems in place to measure bias and privacy risks in large language models (LLMs), the majority are at risk of noncompliance with regulations. How can you ensure your data practices are reliable and ethical?

**Integration Woes**

Integrating generative AI into existing systems and processes is proving to be a headache for many organisations. Compatibility issues are a common roadblock, hindering the seamless implementation of AI technology. How can you bridge the gap between new and existing systems to drive efficiency and innovation?

**Talent Shortages**

The shortage of in-house talent with the necessary skills to leverage generative AI is a major concern for organisational leaders. Without the right expertise, companies risk missing out on the full potential of their AI investments. How can you attract and retain top talent in a competitive market?

**Counting the Costs**

Cost predictions for using LLMs are often underestimated, leading to unexpected financial burdens for organisations. From model creation to training and management, the expenses can quickly add up. How can you accurately forecast the costs of leveraging generative AI to avoid budgetary surprises?

By understanding these key challenges and taking proactive steps to address them, you can position your organisation for success in the era of AI innovation. Remember, strategic planning and investment in technology that prioritises integration, governance, and explainability are essential for making the most of generative AI. Join us on this journey towards unlocking the true value of AI for your business.

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