In Two Years, AI Possesses a Threat to Human Existence

Are you ready for the rise of AI? According to UK prime minister’s AI task force adviser, Matt Clifford, we only have two years before AI poses a threat to the human race. This stark warning comes as a result of the rapid advancements made in AI systems and their potential for harm. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into Clifford’s concerns about the short and long-term risks associated with AI and why it needs to be regulated before it becomes too powerful.

The Growing Capabilities of AI Systems

Clifford emphasizes the fact that AI systems have the ability to launch large-scale cyber attacks and even create new recipes for bioweapons. He warned that without proper control and regulation, these systems could become highly powerful within two years, posing significant risks in both the short and long term. He believes that policymakers, researchers, and developers must collaborate to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI systems.

The Need for a Framework That Addresses the Safety and Regulation of AI Systems

As the capabilities of AI systems continue to grow, the need for a framework that addresses their safety and regulation becomes increasingly important. Clifford stressed the need for an audit and evaluation process before the deployment of powerful models, a sentiment shared by many AI development leaders.

The Importance of Understanding and Controlling AI Models

Clifford also emphasized the lack of comprehension regarding the behavior of AI models, which is a significant concern. To ensure proper control, policymakers and developers must have a deep understanding of AI models. Clifford calls for a focus on how to control these models, including the need for a comprehensive evaluation process.

Regulators Grappling with AI’s Rapid Advancements

Around the world, regulators are grappling with the rapid advancements made in AI and their implications. In the United Kingdom, a member of the opposition Labour Party has echoed the concerns raised in the Center for AI Safety’s letter, calling for technology to be regulated on par with medicine and nuclear power. The EU has even proposed the mandatory labeling of all AI-generated content to combat disinformation.


AI systems have the potential to revolutionize society and advance humanity in ways we cannot even imagine. However, we must also be aware of their potential for harm and the risks associated with their rapid advancement. Policymakers and developers must collaborate to ensure the safe and responsible deployment of AI systems while taking into account the potential risks and implications. As Clifford warns, we only have two years to regulate AI before it becomes too powerful. It’s time for us all to take action.

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