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Welcome to our end-of-year recap and future outlook blog post! With just a couple of days left in 2023, it’s the perfect time to reflect on all the major industry happenings that have shaped the past year and set the stage for what’s to come. From the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the turbulent crypto market to the rise of AI and the potential of alternative protein, there’s a lot to unpack. So, if you want to head into 2024 armed with all the insight and context you need, keep reading!

Alternative Protein: Despite some shaky moments in recent years, investors see potential for the alternative protein sector to play a crucial role in addressing the climate change crisis. Dive into our survey findings to learn more about the future of this industry.

SVB Comes Falling Down: The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank sent shockwaves through the venture capital and startup world. Discover what investors had to say about the aftermath and the wider implications for the industry.

The Robotics Revolution: While the hype around robotics may have simmered down, development in this sector has continued to surge. Gain insight into the challenges, opportunities, and future prospects of robotics from the perspectives of investors and industry insiders.

Head in the Cloud: The way startups leverage cloud technology has become a hot topic, and we’ve delved into founders’ thoughts on the current status quo and their innovative approaches to cloud implementation.

Fusion Energy and the Future of Power: With landmark regulation discussions and advancements in fusion energy, we explore what these developments mean for startups shaping the future of energy.

Future of Work: Uncertainty still lingers around the post-pandemic future of work. Hear from founders about how they’re navigating workforce dynamics and setting expectations in this evolving landscape.

Building a Future in Construction: The construction industry is grappling with a shortage of skilled labor, and we’ve spoken to founders in both the U.S. and Europe to uncover the challenges and strategies for success in this tumultuous environment.

Onboarding AI: The unstoppable momentum of AI in 2023 raised critical questions about its practical impact and the potential job displacement. Join us as we unravel the complexities of AI adoption and its implications.

Are Founder Events Worth the Effort? With founders juggling busy schedules, we’ve explored the value of attending industry events and the tangible benefits they bring. Learn from the experiences of fellow founders to make informed decisions about event participation.

With a comprehensive overview of these key industry sectors and trends, you’ll gain valuable insights to inform your strategic decisions and outlook for the new year. So, whether you’re an investor, founder, or simply curious about the future of technology and innovation, this blog post is your essential guide. Dive in and prepare to be enlightened!

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