LuxProvide Puts Customers First

Introducing LuxProvide: The Supercomputer with a Customer-Centric Approach

Are you tired of supercomputing resources that don’t prioritize your needs and feedback? Look no further than LuxProvide, the operator of the national supercomputer MeluXina, who has just unveiled its new brand identity embodying its customer-centric approach.

LuxProvide has employed customer feedback to develop its third phase of action, providing research and business players with a unique platform that combines data science and supercomputing resources. The company places people at the center of everything it does and believes that co-creation involving customers throughout the development process is the key to effective innovation.

Serving public and private clients on a national and European scale, LuxProvide focuses on highly innovative domains like Industry 4.0, Logistics, Sustainability, Space, Healthtech, and Fintech. LuxProvide also upholds the highest security and sustainability standards, operating from a Tier IV Data Center and obtaining ISO 27001 certification. With the adoption of strict data sovereignty measures, assets entrusted to LuxProvide are undeniable secure.

MeluXina is installed in LuxConnect’s Data Center DC2 in Bissen, which utilizes cooling sourced from Kiowatt, a cogeneration plant powered by waste wood. LuxConnect stands out by offering genuinely carbon-neutral facilities, contributing to the sustainability and social responsibility across the globe.

LuxProvide’s business strategy rests on the twin pillars of Direct Customers and Partners. Adding to its Customer portfolio, innovative firms such as Spire Global, Colossal AI, and Zortify, LuxProvide’s Solution Partners ecosystem, saw Advestis as its first addition, while today, the company announced two partnerships with DataThings and DataChef.

“We are proud as we have been extremely fast in securing contracts and partnerships, now we will focus on expanding our portfolio even further and on proving the value we can bring to the organizations accelerating and upscaling their digital transformation journey,” said Filipe Pais, Chief Customer Success Officer at LuxProvide.

Trust LuxProvide for your supercomputing needs and experience technological innovation with a customer-centric touch. For more information on LuxProvide, visit

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