Make Coding Easier with AI-Powered, No-Code App Builder

For those with creative minds and grand ambitions, but lacking the coding skills to bring those ideas to life, Blaze is here to help. The early stage startup recently announced the launch of its general availability, alongside a $3.5 million pre-seed round.

Founded by two serial entrepreneurs, Blaze provides a no-code solution to enable teams to create custom and complex applications without needing to write a single line of code. This is powered by natural language processing and the OpenAI API, allowing users to simply type out a description and have it translated into operational code.

Drag and drop connectors such as Shopify, Stripe, Airtable, DocuSign, Freshdesk, Google Sheets, Salesforce and others allow users to build document portals, customer success dashboards, inventory management systems and contract workflows. Plus, Blaze has even built its own database called Blaze Tables.

The two founders have been working together for over a decade, having founded a digital signage company called Enplug in 2012, before being acquired by Spectrio in 2021. With a strong team of twelve, they are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment, and opening up the tech sector to those who don’t have coding skills.

Flybridge Capital and MaC Venture Capital led the round of investment, with participation from a slew of industry angels. This investment will help Blaze to continue to make its product accessible to everyone and revolutionize the tech industry.

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