Make This Important Change to Protect Your IP from Leaks

Are you ready to dive into the latest update from Elon Musk’s X? Before you do, there’s a crucial privacy issue you need to be aware of. The new audio and video calling feature is causing quite a stir, as it automatically exposes your IP address without your consent, putting your privacy at risk.

Subheadline: The Risks of Automatic IP Address Exposure
The calling feature on X may seem convenient, but the fact that it is turned on automatically means that anyone you talk to can easily see your IP address. This seemingly harmless information can actually reveal your location and online activities, posing a serious threat to your privacy.

Subheadline: Taking Control of Your Privacy
Finding the calling feature on X is easy – just look for the phone icon on the top right. But did you know that the default setting shares your IP address with the person you’re calling? To safeguard your privacy, make sure to switch on the “Enhanced Call Privacy” option in the settings. Without encryption in place, your conversations could potentially be intercepted, leaving you vulnerable to snooping.

Subheadline: How to Protect Your Online Identity
To stop X from sharing your IP address, follow these simple steps:
1. Open X settings and navigate to the messages section.
2. Click on the gear icon to access messaging settings.
3. Toggle on the “Enhanced Call Privacy” option to hide your IP address during calls.
4. Double-check your settings to ensure the privacy feature is working properly.
Consider turning off the calling feature altogether if you’re still concerned about your privacy.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your IP address remains private while using X. Stay vigilant for any changes in X’s privacy settings and keep your online identity secure.

Before you dive into the latest update on X, make sure you’re informed about the potential privacy risks and how to protect yourself. Don’t let your IP address be exposed without your consent – take control of your privacy today.

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