New York City council member-elect utilizes AI to respond to inquiries

Are your favorite politicians really behind the words they speak? A recent report from the New York Post has revealed that Susan Zhuang, a newly elected council member in Brooklyn, admitted to using artificial intelligence to communicate with the public and answer media questions. In a world where authenticity and transparency are valued, this revelation raises important questions about the use of AI in politics. Join us as we delve into this groundbreaking research and explore the implications of AI in the political arena.

**The AI Revelation**:
Susan Zhuang’s admission sheds light on the use of AI as a tool for politicians to communicate with the public. Her use of AI to craft responses for a local news publication’s questionnaire has sparked a debate on the authenticity of political communication. The responses in question were flagged by a news outlet, leading to a closer examination of the content.

**Uncovering the Deception**:
The New York Post ran the text through plagiarism detection software, which revealed that the responses may have been generated by AI. This discovery has prompted further scrutiny of Zhuang’s use of AI in her communications, as well as raising concerns about the manipulation of public opinion through artificial means.

**The AI in Politics**:
As AI tools become more widespread, the potential for their use in political communications is an increasingly pressing concern. The revelation of Zhuang’s use of AI has sparked discussions about the ethical and practical implications of AI in politics, particularly in shaping public opinion and influencing policy decisions.

**The Road Ahead**:
With the 2024 presidential election on the horizon, the use of AI in political campaigns is a topic of growing concern. A bipartisan group of senators has already expressed intentions to regulate and restrict the use of AI in political communications, reflecting the gravity of the issue.

As we navigate the complex intersection of AI and politics, it becomes increasingly important to critically evaluate the use of AI in shaping public discourse. Join us as we continue to explore the implications of AI in politics and its potential impact on society.

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