introduces startup ads on billboards and in NYC’s subway

Are you tired of the same old digital marketing strategies? Looking for a new and creative way to reach potential customers? Then you need to read this blog post! Today, we’re diving into the world of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, from billboards to subway ads, and how startups like fintech Ramp and technical recruiter Karat are using this classic marketing technique to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Subtopic 1: The Rise of OOH Advertising
When Alex Ewing, CEO of, reminisces about his childhood in Oklahoma, he remembers how billboards served as landmarks on his journey home. Now, he’s helping startups find the perfect placement for their ads in the OOH market. With OOH advertising spend in the U.S. expected to reach $9.3 billion this year, it’s clear that this traditional marketing strategy is making a comeback.

Subtopic 2: Why B2B Companies are Embracing OOH Advertising
In a world saturated with digital ads, B2B companies like Ramp are turning to OOH advertising to cut through the noise. Ewing explains that OOH ads create brand recognition that can be more effective for B2B companies than traditional online marketing strategies. Companies like Papaya Global are even investing in multimillion-dollar Super Bowl ads for brand building and awareness, rather than lead generation.

Subtopic 3: Targeting the Right Audience with OOH Ads
While OOH ads may not offer the same level of trackable ROI as digital ads, companies like are using technology to help B2B companies reach their target audience. By strategically placing ads near their target customers’ headquarters or commuting routes, companies can maximize the impact of their OOH campaigns. And with anonymized cell phone tracking data, companies can measure the effectiveness of their ads in driving website traffic and leads.

In conclusion, OOH advertising offers a fresh and engaging way for startups to connect with their target audience. By embracing the creativity and impact of billboards and subway ads, companies can differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace and drive brand recognition. So why stick to the same old digital ads when you can make a splash with OOH advertising? Dive in and discover the power of traditional marketing in a digital world.

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