Picsart and Getty partner to challenge Adobe’s ‘commercially-safe’ AI

Are you tired of worrying about copyright infringement when using AI-generated images? Well, you’re in luck because Picsart has partnered with Getty Images to bring you a new AI image generator that is “responsible and commercially safe.” This exciting collaboration aims to provide paid subscribers with images that come with full commercial rights, addressing the long-standing concerns surrounding AI-generated content and copyright laws.

Sub-headline 1: Picsart’s AI Image Generator
Picsart’s AI lab is currently developing a custom model that will power this new tool, set to launch later this year. This innovative technology will allow users to create images with peace of mind, knowing that they have the commercial rights to use them. The tool will be accessible through Picsart’s API services, making it convenient for users to incorporate AI-generated images into their projects.

Sub-headline 2: Getty Images’ Commercially-Focused AI Products
Getty Images is no stranger to commercially-focused AI products, having previously partnered with Bria AI, Runway, and Nvidia to launch their own “Generative AI by Getty Images” tool. However, with Adobe’s Firefly model already integrated into popular apps like Photoshop and Illustrator, convincing creatives to switch to Picsart’s offering may prove challenging.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Picsart and Getty Images is an exciting development in the world of AI-generated images. With a focus on commercial safety and accessibility, this new tool has the potential to revolutionize the way we create and use images in our projects. Stay tuned for the official launch later this year and get ready to elevate your creative endeavors with this groundbreaking technology.

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