Realtime Robotics Secures Additional $9.5 Million Funding Months After Last Raise

Title: Revolutionizing Industrial Automation with Realtime Robotics’ RapidPlan


Welcome, readers, to this captivating blog post that will take you on a journey into the world of cutting-edge industrial automation. Today, we dive into the realm of Realtime Robotics and their groundbreaking software, RapidPlan. Get ready to witness how this innovative solution is transforming the manufacturing industry and propelling it into a new era of efficiency and competitiveness. Brace yourselves for an exciting exploration into the realm of automation setup that will leave you awestruck and eager to learn more.

Sub-Headline 1: Realtime Robotics’ Skyrocketing Funding and Ambitious Series A

Realtime Robotics has been making waves in the industry, garnering significant funding to fuel their revolutionary advancements. With a recent $9.5 million investment from Shinhan GIB and Kyobo Life Insurance, their total funding now exceeds a whopping $54 million. This rapid fundraising success, following their earlier $31 million Series A, speaks volumes about the enormous potential of Realtime Robotics and their mission to revolutionize industrial automation.

Sub-Headline 2: RapidPlan: Unleashing the Power of Advanced Simulation and Control

Last year, Realtime Robotics unveiled their game-changing software, RapidPlan. This groundbreaking solution is designed to assist manufacturers in seamlessly deploying robots in industrial settings. By offering an extensive range of features, including simulation, control, task management, and programming, RapidPlan provides manufacturers with an opportunity to save invaluable time during the automation setup process. Countless companies will be able to streamline their operations, transforming weeks or even months of laborious deployment into a breeze.

Sub-Headline 3: Bridging the Gap between Desire and Deployment in Automation

The interest in industrial automation has skyrocketed in recent times, driven by the need for increased efficiency and adaptability. However, there has been a notable disconnect between the desire for automation and its practical deployment. The challenges lie in orchestrating various systems with different tasks and integrating proprietary system management software from multiple hardware manufacturers. Realtime Robotics has identified this pain point and focused its efforts on addressing it directly, making them a leading player in the realm of automation.

Realtime Robotics’ strategic focus on the manufacturing space, the stronghold of automation for decades, has shown promising results. Their prestigious clientele, including giants like BMW Group, attests to the efficacy of their solutions. As Damian S. Kang from Shinhan GIB states, the need for the manufacturing industry to embrace new technologies and adopt more efficient practices has never been more critical.

Sub-Headline 4: Paving the Way for Future Innovations

The recent funding injection for Realtime Robotics will further advance the global deployment and scaling of their existing and future offerings. The company aims to optimize its products and services for the automotive and automated warehouse industries, facilitating faster rollouts and enhancing overall efficiency. To achieve these goals, Realtime Robotics is selectively hiring professionals, such as robot control engineers, product design engineers, and senior robotics software engineers. Their focus on refinement and expansion underscores their commitment to staying at the forefront of the automation revolution.


Realtime Robotics, with its rapidly growing funding and groundbreaking software, RapidPlan, is revolutionizing the world of industrial automation. By saving manufacturers significant time and effort during deployment, RapidPlan promises to unlock new levels of efficiency and competitiveness. The company’s dedication to refining existing products and launching innovative solutions demonstrates their commitment to driving progress in automation. As we move forward, it is clear that Realtime Robotics will continue to redefine industry standards, cementing their position as a leader in the automation space. Keep an eye on this transformative company as they reshape the future of manufacturing.

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