Research Proposes New Method for Directly Generating Contextual Docs for a Question

Do you want to know how Large Language Models (LLMs) are revolutionizing the way humans interact with machines? Then you should read this blog post to learn about a new approach called GENREAD that is transforming the way machines operate. In this post, we will discuss the GENREAD approach, its advantages, and how it outperforms the traditional method.

GENREAD is a generate-then-read approach that replaces document retrievers with large language model generators. This new approach solves knowledge-based tasks by first prompting an LLM model to produce question-based contextual documents and then reading the produced documents to generate the final output. Tests have shown that GENREAD’s ability to perform well without any external knowledge source makes it an extremely efficient and flexible solution.

The Benefits of GENREAD
The team behind GENREAD has demonstrated several advantages of this approach. Firstly, the model’s performance can be enhanced by the combination of both retrieval and generation. This blend allows accuracy and efficiency of retrieval and the flexibility and diversity of generation, making the solution even more noteworthy. Secondly, GENREAD has been tried on several knowledge-intensive Natural Language Processing tasks such as open-domain question answering (QA), TriviaQA, WebQ, fact-checking, FM2, and open-domain dialogue systems. Upon evaluating the performance using the exact match (EM) score, the results displayed that GENREAD achieved 71.6 and 54.4 exact match scores on TriviaQA and WebQ, respectively, beating the state-of-the-art retrieve-then-read pipeline by a substantial margin.

This new study offers a novel approach to resolving knowledge-intensive tasks using large language model generators in place of document retrievers. The results show that this approach can exponentially improve the performance of current solutions. The advantages of GENREAD make it an undoubtedly promising solution for the future. Check out the Paper and Github for more information.

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