Salesforce partners with CData to enhance Data Cloud connectivity

Are you tired of struggling to connect and unlock value from fragmented data assets spread across a wide collection of data sources and touchpoints? Then you won’t want to miss this exciting news – CRM leader, Salesforce, has just announced a partnership with data connectivity provider, CData Software, to expand the data layer powering its new AI Cloud product. In this blog post, we’ll explore how this exciting new partnership could help enterprises deliver more personalized and connected customer experiences – and gain a competitive advantage in crowded markets.

All CData connectors in Salesforce

Founded in 2016, CData has built a library of over 270 connectors providing access to live data from popular on-premises, SaaS, and cloud applications. Now, with this exciting new partnership, enterprises using the Salesforce Data Cloud to host unified customer profiles will have this entire library at their disposal to pull in data from any preferred touchpoint. According to Amit Sharma, co-founder and CEO of CData, customers will be able to use the connectors natively within their Salesforce instance to streamline access to customer data across their tech stack, gaining holistic views of the entire customer journey, enabling advanced analytics and modernizing business processes.

A natural extension for CData

For CData, this is a natural extension of its offerings. Prior to this partnership, the company offered the ability to sync Salesforce data with third-party data platforms or connect data sources to Tableau, the BI and analytics product owned by Salesforce. Now, the company can offer its high-performance connectivity to solve even more data access and integration challenges for enterprises.

The development could help fill a major gap for Salesforce customers, given that many of them struggle to connect and unlock value from fragmented data assets spread across a wide collection of data sources and touchpoints. With the CData connectors, customers will be able to easily pull in data from often-siloed, fragmented sources and build richer end-customer profiles, powering the entire Customer 360 suite – from sales and service to commerce and marketing.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to streamline your customer data and gain a competitive edge. Learn more about how Salesforce and CData Software are partnering to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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