SpaceX document leaks, TikTok ban gaining momentum, and Grok to go open-source

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of tech news? This week in review, we have a plethora of fascinating stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From leaked documents at SpaceX to the latest developments in AI and robotics, there is something for everyone in this roundup. So why should you read this blog post? Well, imagine a rollercoaster of information that will take you on a thrilling ride through the latest tech happenings. Buckle up and let’s get started!

**Leaked SpaceX docs:** Dive into the world of SpaceX with leaked documents revealing questionable practices related to employee stock options. What secrets lie within these documents and what does it mean for the future of the company?

**Phantom, now a phantom:** Explore the downfall of Phantom Auto, a remote driving startup that failed to secure funding. What led to its demise and what can we learn from its story?

**Meme stock:** Discover how Reddit is shaking up the traditional IPO process by allowing its community members to sell shares immediately. Will this unconventional approach pay off for the social media platform?

**Banking as a service:** Learn about Griffin Bank, a UK-based BaaS platform that raised $24 million and obtained a full banking license. What sets this startup apart in the competitive world of fintech?

**Deepfakes go royal:** Delve into the world of AI editing with a controversial photo of Kate Middleton and her children. How does this image serve as a warning of the dangers of deepfakes in the digital age?

**Relaxation device:** Experience the Moonbird relaxation device designed to help reduce stress and improve sleep through breathing exercises. Can this innovative technology revolutionize the wellness industry?

**Podcasts:** Listen to the latest episodes of Equity, Found, and Chain Reaction for in-depth discussions on startup compensation, AI robotics, and blockchain and AI integrations. Discover insightful conversations with industry leaders shaping the future of technology.

**Bonus round:** Explore the world of Readyverse Studios and their new battle royale experience, Open. What does this collaboration between a blockchain tech company and the creator of Ready Player One mean for the world of gaming?

So why should you read this blog post? Because it’s a thrilling journey through the latest tech news that will leave you informed, inspired, and ready to dive deeper into the world of technology. Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure – let’s explore together!

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