Access to Vertex AI Generative AI Now Available to Users on Google

Introtopic: “Google’s New Generative AI Integration for Vertex AI”

Are you ready to take your company‚Äôs AI capabilities to the next level? Google has just opened up its generative AI support for Vertex AI, enabling businesses and other enterprises to seamlessly integrate generative AI features into their own software. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the latest update to Google’s Vertex AI and explore how its generative AI integration can revolutionize the way you work with machine learning.

Vertex Model AI

Google’s new update, Vertex AI, is focused on making it easier for developers to connect with models in the Model Garden. The update also includes enterprise search on the Gen App Builder, allowing clients to leverage Google’s search tools and generative AI to produce custom APIs and generative AI chatbots. With more than 60 models already in the garden, including text-to-image model Imagen and code-generating assistant Codey, clients can customize existing models or create their own using the Generative AI Studio.

Generative AI Applications for Everyone

With Vertex AI’s generative AI integration, enterprise developers, data scientists, and everyone in between can now build and customize generative AI applications with ease. Google has made it a priority to make generative AI useful for everyone, and Vertex AI is backed by enterprise-grade data governance, security, and safety features to ensure that adoption is faster and safer. Not only can businesses access foundation models from the Model Garden, but they can also customize them with their own data, making the generative AI applications unique to their needs.

New Sign-Ups

Google recently announced that contact center tech platform Twilio, synthetic media startup Typeface, and graph database Neo4j have signed up to use Vertex AI. With the ability to customize and deploy their own AI models, companies can now take their data analytics to new heights and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.


With Google’s new generative AI integration for Vertex AI, businesses can take machine learning from a data-gathering process to a data-generating solution. Whether you’re looking to create custom APIs, generative AI chatbots, or simply fine-tune foundation models in the Model Garden, Vertex AI has you covered. So why not give it a try? Start taking your company’s AI capabilities to the next level today.

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