Apple Introduces New ‘Siri’ Wake Word and Other Announcements at WWDC

Welcome to the future of voice technology! In this blog post, we are going to talk about the latest innovations in the world of Apple’s Siri. The tech giant announced some amazing new features for its popular voice assistant at WWDC this year, including a shortened wake word and real-time voicemail transcription. Keep reading this blog post to discover more about these exciting updates.

Siri’s Condensed Wake Word

The most buzzed-about announcement at WWDC was the news that Siri’s wake word is being shortened from “Hey Siri” to just “Siri.” This minor change is aimed at speeding up Siri’s responses to requests, especially when multiple commands are issued. However, this change was difficult to implement as Siri needs to know when to activate from just two syllables in an enormous variety of accents and voices while limiting accidental awakenings. Alexa and Google Assistant use a third syllable, but Apple has opted for a single syllable. This decision is likely due to the uniqueness of Siri’s user interface.

WWDC Voices

Beyond the shortened wake word, WWDC also saw some exciting innovation in other areas. For instance, iOS 17 will automatically transcribe voicemails in real-time, a keyboard language model will enable better autocorrecting and predictive typing, and AirPods will get a software update that adapts relative noise cancellation based on users’ environments. Also, Personalized Volume uses machine learning to identify a user’s preferred media experience and adjust the volume accordingly, and Conversation Awareness reduces background noise when the wearer begins speaking. Finally, Apple plans to include voice as an input option for its forthcoming VR headset.


In conclusion, Siri’s shortened wake word is just the beginning of a new era of voice technology. Apple continues to innovate in this space, providing not only updates and features for Siri but also integrating voice with other devices and services. Keep an eye out for more updates and advancements in the voice tech space as more companies continue to recognize the potential of AI in our daily lives. Stay tuned!

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