Found errors in more than half of AI-written stories

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the media industry has been a topic of debate in recent weeks, with CNET at the center of the controversy. Futurism first reported that the tech news outlet had been publishing articles written by AI for months, and The Verge later revealed that the company had been using automated tools for much longer than that. Now, CNET has issued corrections on 41 of the 77 stories written using an AI tool.

In a note published today, CNET editor-in-chief Connie Guglielmo defended the use of the AI writing tool but acknowledged that an internal review of stories uncovered numerous errors. It is believed that the AI-written articles are designed to game Google searches with SEO-friendly keywords for the benefit of Red Ventures, the parent company of CNET and other publications. In response, Red Ventures and CNET leadership have temporarily paused AI-generated content across all websites.

Despite the errors, CNET is still embracing the use of AI tools. “Expect CNET to continue exploring and testing how AI can be used to help our teams as they go about their work testing, researching and crafting the unbiased advice and fact-based reporting we’re known for,” Guglielmo wrote in her memo today. The debate around AI in the media industry is likely to continue, and it will be interesting to see how CNET’s use of AI tools evolves in the future.

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