Generative AI Voice Startup Raises $20M for Assisting Phone Calls in Restaurants and Retailers

Introducing The Revolutionary AI Phone Concierge

Do you ever wish you could skip the frustration of being put on hold when calling a restaurant to make a reservation or get answers to your questions? Well, imagine a world where you can have a seamless and delightful phone experience with the help of artificial intelligence. Enter, the generative AI voice startup that is transforming the way businesses interact with their customers through phone calls.

In a recent Series A funding round led by Homebrew, secured an impressive $20 million in investment. This funding will be used to enhance the company’s platform, which acts as an AI phone concierge for restaurants and other retailers. With the ability to mimic human voices and engage in natural conversations,’s technology is revolutionizing the way businesses handle reservations and customer inquiries.

Generative Slang: A Sophisticated Phone Menu

Imagine calling your favorite restaurant and instead of being greeted by a standard automated phone menu, you are met with a sophisticated AI voice that understands your needs and preferences. This is exactly what offers with its platform. By seamlessly integrating with a business’ phone system, takes over the role of a traditional phone menu, cutting out waiting times and freeing up employee time for more important tasks.

“We’re reshaping what it means to have an automated, AI experience,” says CEO Alex Sambvani. “We want to deliver a truly delightful audio experience that exceeds customers’ expectations.”

Founded by Sambvani and CTO Gabriel Duncan, who previously worked together as data scientists at Spotify, is emerging from stealth mode after its inception in 2019. With a growing list of over 200 customers, including popular establishments like Palm House Hospitality Group, Slutty Vegan, Hammitt, and Nikki Beach Miami, is quickly gaining traction in the industry.

The Power of Generative AI in Retail and Restaurants

While voice AI for restaurants and retail has been gaining momentum in recent years, the introduction of generative AI has taken customer service to a whole new level. Wendy’s and Google Cloud have already started experimenting with generative AI-powered voice assistants at drive-thrus, and other companies like Presto Automation and Valyant AI are leveraging this technology to enhance their own customer service capabilities. is carving out a unique position in this competitive market by offering highly customized services. The AI models used by are branded with unique voices, background sounds, and multiple language options, ensuring that each client receives a tailor-made experience for their customers.

Competition in the generative AI customer service space is fierce, with players like SoundHound also making strides in the restaurant industry. However, is confident in its ability to stand out and deliver exceptional automated customer experiences.

Embracing the New AI-Era of Customer Service

In this new AI-era, businesses no longer need to sacrifice customer satisfaction for efficiency. is paving the way for a new generation of customer service, where AI-powered virtual assistants can handle complex conversations and provide valuable assistance that goes beyond expectations.

“We’re ecstatic when we see callers tell our virtual assistants things like ‘wow, I never thought a robot could do that!’ or ‘you were so helpful, I love you!'” says Sambvani. “We’re reshaping what it means to have an automated, AI experience, and helping everyone realize that great automated customer experiences are possible.”

So next time you call a restaurant or retailer, expect a delightful surprise. With’s generative AI technology, you never know what exciting and helpful experience awaits you on the other end of the line. Embrace the future of customer service and discover the world of today.

(Source: Voicebot.AI)

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