Google Cloud and PhotoRoom collaborate to make generative AI photo editing accessible to everyone.

Are you tired of spending hours editing your photos for ecommerce or product photography? PhotoRoom’s AI-powered photo editing app, in partnership with Google Cloud’s A3 instances and Nvidia GPUs, has got you covered. This joint project aims to reduce the time needed to produce product photography to under an hour, save costs, and democratize the use of generative AI for SMBs and entrepreneurs. Keep reading to learn more about the partnership and how generative AI can revolutionize photo editing.

Using Generative AI to Enhance Photo Editing Speed

PhotoRoom’s newly added generative AI capabilities using Google Cloud’s A3 instances and Nvidia GPUs can reduce the time needed to produce high-quality photography content. PhotoRoom’s CEO, Matthieu Rouif, said that their application is now ten times faster than other generative solutions. This partnership has significantly speeded up content delivery, making it swift, precise and more scalable. The company revealed that processing two billion images annually, collaborating with Google to scale and broaden their generative AI product offerings will make high-quality product photography accessible to all.

Democratizing the Use of Generative AI for SMBs and Entrepreneurs

Co-founder and CEO of PhotoRoom, Matthieu Rouif said, “By leveraging generative AI, we aim to benefit small businesses by enabling them to generate high-quality product photos quickly and affordably.” This AI model allows users to create entire scenes around a product, reducing the need for costly studio photography. The partnership builds upon PhotoRoom’s recent launch of Instant Backgrounds and Instant Shadows to enhance product shots. With these critical advancements, cutting-edge technologies have been brought closer to SMBs and entrepreneurs.

Photo Editing with More Accuracy

Moreover, PhotoRoom asserts that its Remove Background feature is 30% more accurate than top photo editing alternatives. Once the background is removed, small businesses and entrepreneurs require a realistic background to showcase their products. PhotoRoom’s generative AI technology solves this problem by building instant backgrounds and shadows which help content and lifestyle photographers create compelling imagery. The efficient scaling offered by Google Cloud’s infrastructure enables them to handle an increasing volume of images worldwide without compromising service quality or performance.

Wrapping Up

PhotoRoom’s new offering of generative AI will revolutionize photo editing, democratizing its use for SMBs and entrepreneurs. This partnership with Google Cloud is an excellent start in reducing the time needed to produce high-quality product photography to under an hour. It also reduces the costs involved in creating and editing commercial photography. The partnership of generative AI brings the power of cutting-edge technologies closer to small businesses, ensuring that they can compete effectively in the market.

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