Google Shopping incorporates AI to simulate clothing on various body types

Welcome to the exciting world of online shopping! We all know the feeling of adding a beautiful piece of clothing to our virtual cart, only to receive it in the mail and realize it looks nothing like we expected. But fear not, my stylish friends, because Google is here to save the day with two new features that will revolutionize the way we shop for clothes.

In a recent study, Google found that a staggering 59 percent of online shoppers are disappointed with their clothing purchases because they expected the items to look different on their bodies. Additionally, 42 percent of shoppers don’t feel represented by online clothing models. These numbers are not only disheartening but also demonstrate a significant gap in the online shopping experience. However, Google aims to bridge that gap with its latest innovations.

The first game-changing feature is the introduction of a virtual try-on experience on Google Shopping. Imagine being able to see how a piece of clothing will look on your body before adding it to your cart. Starting today, Google Shopping users in the US can access this exciting feature that realistically displays how an item of clothing will look on a selection of real human models. These models represent a wide range of body types, skin tones, ethnicities, and hair types, ensuring that everyone can find a body type similar to their own. Whether you’re a size XXS or 4XL, Google’s virtual try-on experience has got you covered.

Initially, the virtual try-on experience will be available for women’s tops from popular brands like H&M, Anthropologie, Everlane, and Loft. However, Google plans to expand this feature to include men’s tops and other apparel later this year. Gone are the days of disappointment and uncertainty when it comes to online shopping. With Google’s virtual try-on experience, you can confidently make purchases knowing exactly how the clothes will look on your body.

But how does this magical virtual try-on experience actually work? Google utilizes a diffusion-based generative AI model, which means adding random pixels (called Gaussian noise) to an image and teaching the model how to remove them to create a realistic image. This process allows the AI model to accurately depict how an item of clothing will drape, wrinkle, fold, cling, and stretch on a diverse range of models. These models are real humans, and the AI is simply used to shape the clothing around them, creating a seamless and realistic virtual try-on experience.

In addition to the virtual try-on experience, Google is also introducing new filters to further enhance your online shopping journey. These filters are designed to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, even if it means finding a more affordable alternative or a different pattern. Using machine learning and visual matching algorithms, Google allows you to refine your search based on factors like color, style, and pattern across multiple online clothing stores. Imagine finding a top you love, but not quite vibing with the pattern. With Google’s new filters, you can easily discover similar styles that better match your personal aesthetic.

It’s worth noting that Google isn’t the only player in the game of AI-generated models for online shopping. In March, Levi’s made headlines by announcing its plans to utilize AI-generated models to diversify its shopping experience. However, after facing some backlash, the denim brand clarified that the AI-generated models would help them publish more images of their products on a range of body types quickly. While both initiatives aim to bring more inclusivity to the online fashion world, Google’s approach of using real human models with AI assistance provides a more realistic and relatable shopping experience.

So, my fashion-forward friends, if you want to avoid disappointment, find clothes that truly represent your body type, and make your online shopping experience more exciting than ever before, it’s time to dive into Google Shopping’s new features. Say goodbye to guessing and hello to confidence with the virtual try-on experience, and let the new filters guide you to the perfect pieces that match your unique style. Happy shopping!

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