Local Data Storage Service Launched by Zoom, Exclusively for the Wealthy

Are you concerned about data safety and sovereignty? If so, you’re not alone. Zoom and other major American tech giants like Amazon, TikTok, Microsoft, and Google are responding to these growing concerns to enhance their customers’ control over their data storage and processing. Companies like Amazon’s AWS cloud division and TikTok are even establishing localized data centers to cater to specific geographical locations.

Among them, Zoom stands out with its new initiative to reinforce localized data storage within the European Economic Area (EEA). The platform will offer its premium customers the option to select and store specific data in local data centers, which aligns with the ongoing trend towards enterprise data sovereignty. To ensure a smooth execution of the new initiative, Zoom plans to establish dedicated technical support for European customers opting into the program.

Moreover, in response to growing calls towards robust data privacy and digital sovereignty, Zoom is introducing global audit log tracking and a new tool to assist administrators in managing data subject access requests. These moves align with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and California’s Consumer Privacy Act, both of which are aimed at guaranteeing users’ access to their personal data and providing them with the option to request specific data deletion.

As these global powerhouses strive towards stricter data control policies, it’s clear that the tech industry is taking strides towards respecting and implementing more robust data privacy measures. User data security is a priority that will continue to be closely monitored and evaluated. So if data safety and sovereignty are crucial to you, keep an eye on these companies’ ongoing developments. Their commitment to data security will surely be worth watching.

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