McDonald’s discontinues AI drive-thru ordering system.

Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of AI technology in the fast-food industry? If so, then this blog post is a must-read for you! In this article, we will explore McDonald’s journey with voice technology, from acquiring a startup to the recent partnership with Google Cloud. Buckle up and get ready for an intriguing exploration of the future of drive-thru ordering at McDonald’s.

A Bold Move: McDonald’s Acquisition of Voice Technology Startup

McDonald’s surprised the market when it acquired a voice technology startup, Apprente, in 2019. This move signaled a shift towards automating order-taking at its drive-thrus. Fast forward to December 2023, and McDonald’s announced a partnership with Google Cloud to incorporate generative AI at its restaurants. The company’s journey with conversational AI technology has been nothing short of groundbreaking.

Not the End of AI Order Taking

While McDonald’s may be ending its partnership with IBM for AI-driven drive-thru technology, it doesn’t mean the end of AI order taking altogether. The company sees potential in exploring voice ordering solutions more broadly. With concerns about accuracy in order-taking with accents and dialects, the shift to generative AI could pave the way for a more efficient and seamless customer experience.

More Acute Problems and Better Technology

Restaurants, including McDonald’s, are facing challenges in hiring staff, making the need for AI-enabled order-taking even more crucial. Generative AI has shown promise in understanding natural language inputs, but challenges such as environmental noise and complex vocabularies still exist. McDonald’s is just one example of how the industry is evolving to meet the demands of modern customers.

Intrigued by the potential of AI technology in the fast-food industry? Stay tuned for more updates and insights on the future of drive-thru ordering. Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest news and trends in voice technology. The journey ahead is sure to be filled with innovation and exciting developments. Let’s embark on this journey together!

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