New AI technology from Google will create disclosures for political ads

Are you curious about how Google is navigating the complex world of political advertising and AI-generated content? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the latest update from Google that aims to make it easier for advertisers to disclose whether political ads contain AI-generated content.

A Simplified Process for Advertisers:
Last year, Google introduced a requirement for political advertisers to include their own disclosures on ads containing AI content. However, in a recent update, Google has streamlined this process by automatically generating disclosures whenever advertisers label election ads as containing “synthetic or digitally altered content.” This means that advertisers can simply select an “altered or synthetic content” checkbox in their campaign settings, and Google will take care of the rest by including an in-ad disclosure.

Visibility Across Platforms:
The automatic disclosure will be visible in feeds and YouTube Shorts on mobile devices, as well as in in-stream ads shown on various platforms such as phones, computers, TVs, and the web. Advertisers will still need to include their own disclosures for all other ad formats, ensuring transparency and accountability in political advertising.

Growing Concerns and Legislation:
As the US presidential election approaches, concerns over the use of AI in political advertising have heightened. In response to these concerns, the Senate Rules Committee has advanced a bill that would require political advertisers to disclose AI-generated content. Additionally, the Federal Communications Commission has proposed enacting a similar policy, signaling a growing trend towards transparency and regulation in the political advertising landscape.

Stay informed and stay ahead of the curve by keeping up to date with the latest developments in the intersection of technology and politics. With Google leading the way in enhancing transparency and disclosure in political advertising, it’s crucial for advertisers and consumers alike to stay vigilant and informed about the evolving landscape of AI-generated content in political ads.

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