Startup Uses AI to Unearth New Smells

Osmo, a Google Research spinout, is on a mission to find alternatives to hard-to-source aromas. Their innovative technology could revolutionize the perfume industry and help combat mosquito-borne diseases.

For perfumers, having access to a wider range of aromas opens up a world of possibilities. With Osmo’s technology, they could create entirely new scents that were previously impossible to make.

But the potential benefits of Osmo’s tech go far beyond the world of fragrance. By providing a source of alternative aromas, Osmo could help fight against mosquito-borne diseases. Mosquitoes are attracted to certain smells, and using Osmo’s technology, scientists could create synthetic alternatives that could be used to lure mosquitoes away from people.

Osmo is making waves in the world of aroma technology, and their innovative approach could have far-reaching implications. From inspiring new perfumes to helping combat mosquito-borne diseases, the possibilities are endless.

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