Apple faces lawsuit, Microsoft continues its AI ambitions, and Nvidia reveals surprises.

Are you ready to dive into the latest tech news and updates? This edition of Week in Review is filled with intriguing stories that will leave you wanting more. From antitrust lawsuits to AI advancements, there’s something for everyone in this summary of the tech world.

Let’s start with the big news on the Apple antitrust lawsuit. The U.S. has joined international regulators in accusing Apple of using monopolistic tactics to lock in iPhone users. This lawsuit draws comparisons to the Microsoft antitrust case from the 1990s, but with some key differences. Will this lawsuit have a significant impact on Apple in the short-term? Experts predict it could take three to five years for a resolution to be reached.

Moving on to Microsoft, the tech giant made headlines by absorbing the founders of Inflection AI into their consumer-facing AI division. This comes after Inflection raised $1.3 billion, with Microsoft being the biggest investor. Nvidia also made waves at their GTC event, with CEO Jensen Huang making bold predictions about artificial general intelligence and unveiling a new AI platform for humanoid robots called GR00T.

In the realm of hacking and privacy, investors are now pledging to fight against commercial spyware, despite some of them having past involvement in the same business. In gaming news, a hacker disrupted a $5 million tournament for fun, highlighting an exploit in Apex Legends. And Glassdoor users are reporting that their real names are being added to profiles without consent, prompting some to delete their accounts altogether.

On the funding and IPO front, Reddit’s IPO had a strong start, with shares soaring on the first day of trading. Astera Labs and The Browser Company also saw significant gains on their IPO days, showcasing investor demand for tech with an AI twist. And in a bonus round of news, we explore why AI struggles with spelling and why Fisker is pausing production due to financial concerns.

Don’t miss out on these exciting tech updates and insights. Stay tuned for more fascinating stories in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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