Microsoft Bing’s Generative AI Chatbot Goes Mobile, Adds Vocal Input

Are you ready to take your conversations with AI to the next level? Microsoft’s new Bing mobile app is here to make it happen. In this blog post, we’ll explore the latest updates to the Bing mobile app that make it easier and more accessible to talk to the AI chatbot. From voice input to Skype integration, get ready to experience the future of AI conversations.

First, let’s look at the mobile vocal generative capabilities of the new Bing mobile app. Microsoft is giving priority to those who install the app, and it provides the same service as its desktop counterpart. With the voice option for talking to the chatbot, users can now communicate without needing to type out long messages on their smartphone keyboards. This makes it more accessible for those who regularly use voice controls on their devices.

Next, let’s explore the Skype integration that will widen access to the Bing chatbot. Microsoft claims there are 36 million daily Skype users, and with the @Bing command, they can now ask the AI any questions that they would on a desktop. The chatbot also offers different response formats, such as regular text, bullet points, or a “simplified response.”

Finally, Microsoft has incorporated the text-based version of the chatbot into its Microsoft Edge mobile app. This allows users to access the new Bing experience from the homepage.

Overall, Microsoft’s new Bing mobile app is making it easier and more accessible to talk to the AI chatbot. With voice input, extended access to the Bing and Edge browser mobile apps, and Skype integration, the future of AI conversations is here.

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