Apple quietly released an open source multimodal LLM in October.

馃専馃専馃専 NEW RESEARCH ALERT: Apple’s Secret Move in the AI World 馃専馃専馃専

Are you ready to uncover the latest breakthrough in AI technology? If so, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we will delve into the recent discovery of Apple’s open source multimodal language model, Ferret, and how it’s shaking up the AI community. Get ready to be amazed by the unexpected entry of Apple into the open source AI landscape and the potential implications for the future of AI technology!

馃攳 Unveiling Ferret: Apple’s Secret Breakthrough
With little fanfare, researchers from Apple and Columbia University released an open source multimodal LLM, called Ferret, in October 2023. At first, it didn’t receive much attention, but with recent headlines about open source AI models like Mistral and Google’s Gemini, the potential for local LLMs to power small devices is sparking increased interest. Apple’s key breakthrough in deploying LLMs on iPhones has opened up new possibilities for immersive visual experiences and complex AI systems to run on consumer devices.

馃崗 Apple’s Unexpected Entry
Many in the AI community were surprised by Apple’s unexpected entry into the open source LLM landscape, especially given its reputation as a “walled garden.” The release of Ferret has solidified Apple’s place as a leader in the multimodal AI space, sparking excitement and anticipation for the future of AI technology.

馃寪 The Future of AI: Open Source vs. Proprietary
The news about Apple’s open source and local ML developments comes at a time when both Anthropic and OpenAI are reportedly negotiating massive new funding raises for their proprietary LLM development efforts. The competition between open source and proprietary AI models is heating up, with potential implications for the direction of AI technology in the coming years.

馃殌 What’s Next for Apple and AI?
As Apple continues to make strides in the AI landscape, the possibilities for the future of AI technology are boundless. With the potential for local LLMs to revolutionize consumer devices, the impact of Apple’s open source Ferret model could be far-reaching. Stay tuned for further developments in the AI world as Apple’s unexpected entry continues to make waves.

In conclusion, the recent release of Ferret and Apple’s foray into the open source AI landscape has set the stage for a new era in AI technology. With the potential for local LLMs to power small devices, the future of AI is looking more exciting than ever. Keep an eye on Apple’s groundbreaking developments as we witness the dawn of a new chapter in the world of AI. Exciting times are ahead! 馃寛馃殌

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