Best Artificial Intelligence AI Courses Offered by Microsoft

Are you looking to dive deeper into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning? Look no further than the top Microsoft AI courses listed in this article. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience in the field, these courses offer comprehensive coverage of AI concepts and hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools like Azure Machine Learning and Dynamics 365 Commerce. Let’s explore the essential skills and knowledge you can gain from these courses to excel in the exciting field of artificial intelligence.

Fundamentals of machine learning
Embark on a journey to understand the core concepts of machine learning, delve into deep learning fundamentals, and explore automated machine learning in Azure Machine Learning service. This course provides a solid foundation for your AI learning journey.

Create machine learning models
If you have some knowledge of machine learning or a strong math background, this course is perfect for you. Dive into tools like scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch, and gain familiarity with machine learning examples for products like Azure ML and Azure Databricks.

Implement a data science and machine learning solution for AI in Microsoft Fabric
Discover the data science process in Microsoft Fabric, learn how to train machine learning models, preprocess data, and manage models with MLflow. Explore data with notebooks, use Data Wrangler for preprocessing, and generate batch predictions with deployed models.

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
Introduce yourself to AI fundamentals and Microsoft Azure services for AI solutions. This course aims to build awareness of AI workloads and relevant Azure services for individuals with basic computer and math skills. Explore AI workloads, computer vision, natural language processing, document intelligence, and generative AI through beginner-level modules.

Build a RAG-based copilot solution with your own data using Azure AI Studio
Enhance your language models with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), index data with Azure AI Search, and build a copilot in Azure AI Studio to improve AI-driven suggestions and content generation.

Work with product recommendations in Dynamics 365 Commerce
Unlock the power of AI and machine learning in Dynamics 365 Commerce to analyze purchase trends and provide relevant product recommendations. Learn about recommendation lists and parameters to enhance the user experience.

Fundamentals of Responsible Generative AI
Learn how to develop generative AI solutions responsibly by minimizing harmful content. Identify, measure, and mitigate potential harms while preparing for responsible deployment and operation of generative AI solutions.

Apply prompt engineering with Azure OpenAI Service
Master the art of prompt engineering in Azure OpenAI to enhance model performance. Design and optimize prompts for clear instructions and specific output compositions, ensuring accuracy and relevancy in responses.

Work with generative artificial intelligence (AI) models in Azure Machine Learning
Explore the application of generative AI models for NLP in Azure Machine Learning. Understand the Transformer architecture, work with large language models (LLMs), and fine-tune LLMs for specific tasks using prompt flow to develop applications leveraging LLMs.

Responsible use of artificial intelligence in education
Delve into Microsoft’s Responsible AI framework, emphasizing ethical AI development and application principles like fairness, reliability, privacy, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability. Apply these principles in learning environments with interactive exercises for practical implementation.

In conclusion, these top Microsoft AI courses offer a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to help you excel in the field of artificial intelligence. Whether you are a beginner looking to explore the fundamentals or an experienced professional seeking advanced techniques, these courses provide the essential skills needed to develop and deploy AI solutions ethically and effectively. Join the AI revolution and unlock your potential with Microsoft’s AI courses today.

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