Brave Search Introduces AI-based Summarizer to Provide User-Friendly Search Results.

Have you ever searched for something online and been overwhelmed by pages and pages of search results? Enter Brave Search – the rapidly growing search engine that delivers impartial and accurate results based on their index of the web. But now, with the help of artificial intelligence, Brave Search is taking their accuracy to the next level with their Summarizer. In this blog post, we’ll dive into how Brave Search is using AI to enhance their summarizer, prioritize user privacy, and increase the efficiency of their search engine.

First, let’s talk about the Summarizer. The Brave team developed this technology by combining existing AI technologies, including ChatGPT and Microsoft’s OpenAI model, to create a tool that provides short and informative answers to users’ queries. What sets Brave Search’s Summarizer apart from other AI-powered tools is its commitment to transparency and accountability. Each summarized result includes source credit and links to the primary sources from which the information was compiled.

But what about user privacy? Brave Search takes users’ rights seriously and does not track their searches or actions. In contrast, other search engines may use user data to influence their search results or sell it to third-party companies. Brave Search’s prioritization of privacy makes it a reliable and trustworthy search engine for users who value their online privacy.

So how does the Summarizer work? The tool is made up of three LLMs, each trained for specific tasks. The first is a question answering model that determines if a text fragment contains an answer. The second step involves zero-shot classifiers to categorize remaining candidates based on a wide range of parameters such as hate speech and spam. Finally, a summarizer/paraphrasing model processes and rewrites the candidate texts to remove redundancies and standardize language.

While the model is still in its infancy, Brave Search has tested it against a peak of 600 requests per second. Currently, only 17% of inquiries generate a summary, but Brave Search hopes to increase this as they scale the technology. Despite the challenges that come with developing and refining AI models, the Brave team is dedicated to making sure their Summarizer is high-quality, scalable, and easy to use for their users.

In conclusion, Brave Search is revolutionizing the search engine world with their impartial search results, commitment to user privacy, and AI-powered Summarizer. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy search engine that cares about your privacy, Brave Search is the way to go. Try it out for yourself and see the difference AI can make in your search results!

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