China’s ChatGPT Exploiters and Scammers Are Busy at Work

Introducing the Unconventional Side Gig: Making Money with an AI Chatbot

Competition for jobs in China is no joke. The market is flooded with talented individuals, making it increasingly difficult to secure meaningful employment. David, a recent business graduate, experienced this struggle firsthand. Discouraged by the limited job opportunities and low wages, he was desperate for a breakthrough. Little did he know, salvation would come in the form of an AI chatbot.

Enter ChatGPT, the generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI. David stumbled upon some fascinating videos circulating on Weibo and WeChat, raving about the capabilities of this revolutionary chatbot. It didn’t take long for his entrepreneurial mind to conjure up an intriguing idea. In China, there’s a thriving essay-writing business where students seek assistance from tutors and experts. David wondered, what if he could leverage ChatGPT to write essays?

David approached one of the sellers on Taobao, a popular e-commerce platform, and pitched his unconventional plan. To his delight, he secured his first job – crafting an educational paper for a student. The process was simple. David would ask ChatGPT to generate an outline, supplement it with content based on open-ended questions, and then refine the piece to eliminate any grammatical errors. The end result wasn’t flawless, but it exceeded the client’s expectations, and David pocketed $10. Emboldened by his success, he delved into writing an economics paper, earning a handsome $40.

Here’s the catch: Chinese users officially don’t have access to ChatGPT. The platform restricts sign-ups from email domains like QQ or 163, essentially locking out Chinese users. However, the Chinese community remains fervently intrigued by the potential this AI chatbot holds. NetEase, a tech giant in China, operates Youdao, a prominent online education service, which recently launched an online course titled “ChatGPT, from entry to proficiency.” This course promises to enhance work efficiency tenfold by utilizing ChatGPT and the programming language Python. It seems everyone is eager to discover how they can monetize this AI marvel.

Yin Yin, a young woman familiar with the world of content creation, came across ChatGPT through a viral YouTube video. In April, she stumbled upon a store on Taobao selling exquisite home decor crafted using traditional Yunnan tie-dye techniques. Recognizing its potential, Yin approached the store owner and offered her expertise in improving product layouts and promoting the products on social media. However, the store’s product descriptions fell flat, lacking intrigue and detail. Determined to captivate potential customers, Yin turned to ChatGPT for guidance. She fed the chatbot with popular Taobao products’ descriptions and requested it to highlight key features and even sprinkle some emojis to entice the younger generation. Now, Yin receives a monthly paycheck from the Taobao shop owner, proving that ChatGPT isn’t just limited to essay-writing.

But the creativity doesn’t stop there. Shirley, talented writer known as Guyuetu, decided to push the boundaries even further. She took to Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), a fashion and lifestyle sharing platform, to create an entire book with the help of AI. Shirley’s chosen subject? The correlation between blood type and personality – a pseudoscientific belief prevalent in Japan and Korea. Armed with ChatGPT, Shirley asked it to generate an outline for her book, chapter by chapter, and even draft different sections within each chapter. Enjoying the flexibility of AI, she could request ChatGPT to rewrite paragraphs with a more lighthearted tone to keep readers engaged. Working tirelessly for two days, Shirley completed her book, “The Little Book of Blood Type Personality: The Japanese Way of Understanding People.” With cover art and illustrations designed by Midjourney, a service that transforms text prompts into stunning images, she proudly published her book on Kindle.

There you have it – an inspiring glimpse into the world of ChatGPT and the incredible influence it’s wielding in China. While the restrictions may appear limiting, the ingenuity and determination of individuals like David, Yin Yin, and Shirley continue to defy expectations. They’ve showcased the wealth of possibilities this AI chatbot brings, from essay-writing to product descriptions and even full-fledged book authoring. So, whether you’re a struggling graduate, a content creator seeking an edge, or an aspiring writer with a unique idea, ChatGPT just might be the key to unlocking your hidden potential.

Prepare to be mesmerized as we dive into the captivating tales of individuals harnessing the power of ChatGPT, proving that when innovation meets opportunity, magic happens. Stay tuned for the intriguing stories that lie ahead!

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