Conversica Introduces New Chat Features Powered by Generative AI on Enterprise Virtual Agent Platform

Have you ever had a conversation with a chatbot that left you feeling disappointed or frustrated? Conversica, the leading Enterprise AI developer, has just introduced a solution that takes customer engagement to the next level. Conversica has incorporated generative AI into its platform through its new Conversica Chat service. This exciting development in the chatbot industry is causing a ripple of excitement among leading customer service software developers, and for good reason.

Conversica Chat: The Future of Business Conversations
With Conversica Chat, companies can finally say goodbye to rigid and vague conversations with chatbots. Conversica CEO Jim Kaskade revealed that the platform now leverages large language models to engage in more complex, open-ended conversations like ChatGPT. However, the technology is designed with a far more business-focused approach and more guardrails to limit inaccurate or inappropriate responses.

Enterprising Chat: The Ultimate Customer Service Solution
Conversica Chat supports more than 100 languages and every communication channel, which means that it can help businesses achieve customer satisfaction across multiple touchpoints. Furthermore, the mixed model approach allows Conversica Chat a firmer grip on responses to users, ensuring that clients receive accurate and appropriate responses. Conversica Chat has a unique approach, and history with this kind of technology. It’s no wonder that Conversica’s client, Adidas, has already deployed Conversica Chat to guide customers through the process of purchasing shoes.

Conversica is not alone in this space. recently released its Dynamic Conversation Designer, Gupshup has launched a GPT-3 enterprise chatbot builder, and NLX has brought generative AI to its multimodal virtual assistant platform. The list of enterprise chat providers dedicated to improving customer engagement through generative AI continues to grow.

In conclusion, Conversica Chat is a game-changer for businesses looking to provide their customers with engaging, informative, and highly personalized customer experiences. By incorporating generative AI into its platform, Conversica has created the ultimate solution for enterprises that want to take their customer engagement to new heights. Whether it’s guiding customers through the purchasing process or providing after-sales support, Conversica has provided a perfect solution to take their customer engagement strategy to the next level.

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