D-ID Introduces Chat API to Add Face and Voice to AI Chatbots.

Introducing D-ID’s Revolutionary Chat API: The Future of Customer Service

Welcome to the future of customer service, where hyperrealistic three-dimensional virtual assistants are now a reality. D-ID, a synthetic media startup, has just launched its new chat API, which takes advantage of multiple forms of generative artificial intelligence to produce virtual beings that can chat with customers.

D-ID Chat

The chat API augments D-ID’s text-to-video generative AI tools with real-time streaming, enabling virtual assistants to have a voice and face laid over text. The chat API produces highly realistic virtual assistants with human-like qualities that can interact with customers in real-time.

“I really expect with the new real-time streaming capabilities I really expect to see a revolution in everything related to customer service and customer experience…” said D-ID Vice President of Product Yaniv Levi in an interview with Voicebot.

D-ID has been rapidly incorporating generative AI into its services since launching the Creative Reality Studio a year ago. The platform enables customers to design video avatars based on uploaded photographs or synthetically generated images produced by Stable Diffusion’s text-to-image engine. These avatars can perform a script written by the user or composed by OpenAI’s GPT-3 text generator.

D-ID’s APIs open up a door to more personalized and interactive customer service experiences using responses streamed from generative AI chatbots. The aims of the chat API are to provide businesses with a way to engage with customers through hyperrealistic three-dimensional virtual assistants that look, sound and respond like humans for sales, training, customer service, and other tasks.

“Large language models like GPT-3 and LaMDA are changing the way we relate to and interact with technology…” said D-ID CEO Gil Perry. “…we are making tech more human by giving it a face and making the interaction more natural.”

In conclusion, the D-ID Chat API is a revolutionary tool for businesses that want to engage with customers in a more personal and interactive way. Its ability to produce hyperrealistic three-dimensional virtual assistants marks a shift in the way customer service is performed. Stay tuned for more updates as D-ID continues to innovate in the area of generative artificial intelligence.

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