DoNotPay chickens out on its courtroom AI chatbot stunt

DoNotPay, the world’s first robot lawyer, is making waves in the legal world yet again. After announcing plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) to fight a client’s speeding ticket in court this February, the company has had to postpone the stunt due to threats from State Bar prosecutors.

Joshua Browder, the creator and CEO of DoNotPay, made the announcement on Twitter, noting that the company will now focus on consumer rights instead. The AI would have used large language models (LLMs) and GPT-3, the same platform used by OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, to generate responses and then be heard through a pair of AirPods.

DoNotPay first emerged in 2015 to help people challenge parking tickets and sue people. Since then, the company has expanded its capabilities and added more services, such as an AI chatbot to help negotiate bills last month.

In order to focus more on consumer rights, DoNotPay is removing some services, like divorce agreements and defamation demand letters. Browder even offered $1,000,000 to anyone willing to wear AirPods and repeat what they’re told in front of the Supreme Court earlier this month.

DoNotPay is continuing to make strides in the legal world and is looking forward to announcing more exciting GPT consumer rights products in the next two weeks. Despite the setback, the company is still dedicated to helping customers lower medical bills, cancel subscriptions, and dispute credit reports using AI.

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