Duolingo and OpenAI to Develop Chatbots for Language Learning using Generative AI

Looking to learn a new language? Look no further than Duolingo, the popular language education app. Duolingo is taking language education to the next level with its new subscription tier, Duolingo Max, which incorporates generative AI. In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting new features Duolingo Max has to offer, including Explain My Answer and Roleplay. These features, powered by OpenAI’s large language models, will simulate a human tutor and improve language learning. Keep reading to learn more about Duolingo’s innovative approach to language education.

Generative Duolingo

The Explain My Answer feature is powered by generative AI and expands on current explanations of common mistakes. It’s like having a teacher help you understand where you went wrong and how to fix it. The Roleplay feature allows users to practice conversation skills through improvisational dialogue with an AI chatbot playing different roles such as a waiter or hotel clerk. This feature resembles ChatGPT’s ability to respond as real or fictional people or characters. Though Duolingo’s new generative AI features don’t include synthetic voices, the Roleplay option could incorporate characters with artificial voices in the future.

Both features rely on OpenAI’s large language models, but Duolingo hasn’t specified which model will be employed. Duolingo has been working with OpenAI since 2013 and has recently tested the GPT-3 model on designing personalized lessons and feedback for students. In fact, the AI-powered Duolingo experience has led to measurable improvements in the writing skills of students who interact with it.

Duolingo Max costs $13.99 a month and includes all features of the $6.99 a month Super Duolingo tier. Initially, subscribers will only be able to practice Spanish and French, but the company plans to expand to other languages in the future. Embracing AI technology has allowed Duolingo to create a more dynamic and engaging learning experience for users. Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn explained in a letter to shareholders this week, “We believe that together, these new features will allow us to get closer to simulating a human tutor while continuing to make Duolingo even more engaging and fun.”

So, are you ready to take your language skills to the max? Duolingo Max offers a unique language education experience powered by the latest advances in AI. It’s convenient, fun, and will help you master a new language in no time. Sign up for Duolingo Max today and start your journey towards fluency!

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