Infinite AI Interns for Everyone

In 1987, Nobel Prize–winning economist Robert Solow famously said that you can see the computer revolution everywhere but in the productivity statistics. But by 2023, this could all change – thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). AI is on the cusp of giving us all superpowers, and it’s set to become one of the most important factors of production in the global economy.

We’re already seeing ordinary people enjoy the power of AI at their fingertips. For example, AI could quickly generate three options for a marketing brochure for a new geography – beautifully written and illustrated – that used to take a week to create. We could also have the ability to generate emails or memos in our own voice in seconds, create photorealistic art with a few bullet-points of instructions, answer arbitrary scientific questions by having the AI “read” entire corpuses of academic literature, and delegate bookkeeping and accounts to an AI algorithm.

The deep learning revolution has made this possible, and it’s allowing startups to reach the cutting edge of AI. Companies like Midjourney, Stability AI, and Causaly are producing results that rival those of major AI players like DeepMind and OpenAI. We’re also seeing a new generation of AI startups with impressive backers, like Anthropic, Conjecture, and Keen Technologies, who are aiming to make AI more accessible.

This isn’t about artificial general intelligence or AI replacing humans. It’s about freeing up billions of hours of human labor, making creativity and knowledge too cheap to meter. It’s about giving every startup a vastly scalable production engine. We can expect to see a huge wave of entrepreneurship in 2023, as entrepreneurs show us what they could build with a million “interns” in the cloud, available on demand, 24/7, and at close to zero marginal cost.

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