iOS version of ChatGPT enhances iPad compatibility and integrates with Shortcuts

The future of chatbots is here, and ChatGPT is leading the way. OpenAI’s latest update for the ChatGPT app for iOS and iPadOS has now been optimized for the entire iPad screen. This means that users can now enjoy a full-screen chat interface that takes advantage of the larger display. But that’s not all the update has to offer. Siri support, drag and drop, and Shortcuts integration are also part of the package.

Say goodbye to the days of having to deal with an iPhone-sized chat interface on your iPad. With OpenAI’s new update, the ChatGPT app now scales to fit the whole screen. This means that users have more real estate to work with, making it easier to navigate and engage with the chatbot. The chat interface is simple and intuitive, with options to switch between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, allowing users to get the most out of their AI experience.

The update also includes a drag and drop feature, making it easier for users to share messages or responses outside of the chat interface. This feature adds a new level of convenience, as users can now seamlessly integrate ChatGPT with other apps on their iPads.

But, that’s not all. Apple’s Shortcuts feature is also supported in this latest update. This means that users can now automate their ChatGPT queries using Shortcuts. The integration of Shortcuts in ChatGPT makes the app more versatile and useful, while also saving users time by eliminating the need for manual input.

OpenAI’s ongoing efforts to improve ChatGPT on iOS and iPadOS have resulted in a premium chatbot experience that is second to none. Updates to the chat history and voice input features have already been made, and an app for Android is in the works. Furthermore, the company’s premium subscription, ChatGPT Plus, offers priority access and the latest GPT-4 model for $20 a month.

In conclusion, the latest update for ChatGPT on iOS and iPadOS is a game-changer. The full-screen interface, drag and drop, Siri support, and Shortcuts integration have elevated the user experience to new heights, making ChatGPT the premier chatbot app on the market. It’s worth checking out for anyone interested in the bleeding edge of AI technology.

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