NLX Adds GPT-3 Model to Customer Service AI Platform

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade the conversational capabilities of your voice and text-based agents, then you should look no further than NLX’s new GPT-3 large language model. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at NLX’s incorporation of OpenAI’s GPT-3 into its multimodal virtual assistant platform, and how it can help you upgrade your customer service AI.

First, let’s take a look at what NLX GPT-3 is and what it can do. NLX is known for its Voice Compass service, which vocally takes customers through online information searches and transactions. The company has Hotels, airlines, banks, and insurance agencies all using NLX for answering questions and making purchases by phone or online. GPT-3 is joining Dialogflow and Amazon Lex as a natural language processing option for the Conversations by NLX platform. Interested brands can choose to include GPT-3 in their version of the software. Once embedded, the LLM can aid in understanding what a customer wants thanks to the relatively enormous size of its training dataset, but with little or no need for additional training. Even if it can’t answer a question, it can respond to a customer in a more human-like way than traditional chatbots. The GPT-3 package provided by NLX also includes extra restriction options to prevent any problematic or embarrassing responses that might be generated during a customer interaction.

Next, let’s look at how generative customer service works with NLX. NLX already claims a 70% rate of automation of inquiries with its service. Employing OpenAI may bring that number up, however. NLX also plans to use GPT-3 for other generative AI projects, like creating training data for various conversational AI needs. NLX is one of a growing number of enterprise and customer service providers rushing to augment their platforms with large language models, and the results are sure to be impressive.

Finally, let’s look at how NLX’s GPT-3 can benefit your customer service AI. NLX CEO Andrei Papancea explains that businesses can use NLX’s no-code conversational AI platform to easily and efficiently build, manage, and analyze all their multimodal, voice, and chat conversations in one place. With the addition of generative AI capabilities such as those provided by OpenAI, brands can augment and expand NLX-powered self-service conversations to include ChatGPT’s human-like conversational abilities. The outcome is more contextual stakeholder conversations that increase user engagement.

In conclusion, NLX’s incorporation of OpenAI’s GPT-3 into its multimodal virtual assistant platform is sure to be a game-changer for customer service AI. With GPT-3, NLX clients can upgrade their conversational capabilities with little or no need for additional training. The generative AI can even respond to customers in a more human-like way than traditional chatbots. NLX’s GPT-3 is sure to bring impressive results for businesses everywhere.

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